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Summer Seed Awakening Solstice 2014

Channeled by Ray Dawn, Mount Shasta, CA


Master Hilarion-

Hello Dear Ones! It is I, Master Hilarion, here to speak to each of you at this important time upon your world.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere is the time of the Summer solstice. This is a time for beautification- of all that is- to burst forth with growth and with ripening energy. This energy is flowing forth within you in support of all that you are allowing within yourself and in your gifts that you bring forth into the world.

Dear ones, at this time of opportunity you are all receiving great support and energy from your rising sun. Your sun is bursting forth with energy and information in this time of allowing the synthesis of these encodements within you.

As a flower releases its fragrance and fruitfulness, it first receives light energy from the sun. The sun activates the flowers’ conversion of this energy to release the knowledge and blossoming that is already stored within.

This is the same for you! Each of you are flowers, bursting forth with the light, receiving the energy and information to let go into All that you are!

Relax and know that each of you have– already within you– ALL that you are! As you can truly trust this seed of life within you, propagating your inner awakening, you can let go of who you think you must be and simply relax and trust your unfoldment into all that you are. Home is within you, dear ones, as it always was and is now!

Allow within this your own wellbeing and truth; allow your own resonance with belonging and true love; the kind of love that is unconditional and caring of your very natures!

Rise up dear one, rise into the light and allow it to penetrate and awaken your seed codes! These codes are of the love principle. This is the cosmic connection you all have to everything! This love is within you, and is carried within all particles that are all around you as well..

As you allow your blossoming to unfold in this time new realizations and knowledge can take form within you, awakening the mind into a balance of light and dark, of pain and joy, of suffering and of enjoying life, So be it!

Awaken now from the slumber of death and destruction into allowing the cycle of life, and of this time to play out this awakening thru you. Let go of the ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and Be…

Be who you are and be full of the knowledge within you of this merging oneness with your own inner seed and it’s spark of knowledge within!

As this comes forth and rises to the surface within you will feel a deep relaxation into love and belonging… this love is filling each particle of your universe down to all the cells within you..

Enjoying life is the order of the day, for as you do you awaken that seed within you of heaven and allow the bridging of heaven and earth!

Be true to your own seed forms and what you bring to this cornucopia of love in this universe, allow the light to penetrate you and relax into all that you are!

We thank each of you for Being true to yourself and your self-awareness! As you continue to receive this energy you come home to love again, and what a celebration it is across the universe!

We are here eternally to offer guidance, love and support for each of you awakening to the greater light and love quotient!

Be easy and enjoy the journey home! In Love we are one!

Master Hilarion and the Masters of Love and Awareness and Truth…


Ray Dawn



2014 Spring Equinox Message from Adama

March , 2014
By Channel Denise Laberge, Telos World Wide Foundation, Montreal, Canada


Prepare Your Resurrection Temple


I am Adama, your brother.

As you know this planet has embarked into the greatest adventure of all its life. The

ascension of a planet is always a miracle of life expressing itself in a most powerful way.

The good news is that you are part of it. You are part of this miracle. Without you, this

could not happen. The human race is part of the planetary consciousness. You cannot

separate the child from his / her mother. The child bears the life of the mother and the

mother bears the life of the child.

Today, I Am inviting you to very seriously prepare your rebirth in consciousness. This is

what is happening in this dimension right now. You are preparing the rebirth of your own

consciousness to a higher level. You are in charge of your rebirth and you are the one

responsible for this project.

How will you prepare yourself for this task? By preparing the nest, preparing the land of

your heart so that the real You can emerge.

How does a young couple prepare the birth of their first child? They prepare a room; they

paint the walls; they buy a small bed, clothes for the baby, they clean the house, etc. They

establish an energy of love, of tenderness in the whole house to welcome this precious child.

Each time you sit down to meditate, do you realize that this precious time is the time that

will enable you once and for all – to resurrect and discover the gift of this very special

life that you carry in your heart?

I am inviting you to cherish all that you are, cherish this precious life that you are using

each minute. You are the Father-Mother of this newborn that you are expecting. The new

life that you are expecting is yourself. You are a precious gem ready to be exposed to

the rays of the Sun. The days that you are currently living are the most important days

of all your lives. So each day be the one that prepares the blosoming of the expression of God that you

came to manifest in this world.

Build your Temple of Resurrection:

I am inviting you to prepare an energetic temple all around you that you can use as a

foundation to nurture and sustain your resurrection. This energetic temple will assist

you in this process. In this temple, infuse the energies that move your heart. Each day,

this energetic temple will surround you and prepare the vibrational field to assist your

resurrection. Imagine, visualize, feel the holy place in which you enter each morning.

Take time to inhale the vibrations that will transform you. You are the creator of this

exquisite temple that will assist your transformation with magical colors, perfumes

and consciousness. Feel the divine life growing within you. Transform and create a

resurrecting You. Prepare yourself with much love. Bathe yourself with gentle care and

welcome the expression of your divinity in your very own life.

I Am Adama, the one you know.



2014 January Message from the Masters

Channeled by Jennie Philipponnat


Master Kuthumi

Beloved Hearts,
I have come before you today, bringing forth for you this very special opportunity to enfold with the Golden consciousness in Light. In doing so, beloveds, know that your homecoming is True. The awakening that you are preparing is a merging with the Self as the state of consciousness that you originally Are. 
The energies at the end of January and beginning of February with-hold the Flame of the restoration of the DNA-codes of the Truth that you are. With the purification of the Ascension flame and the holiness of the Golden flame, you now have the possibility to completely reconstruct your spine, just simply by leaving your story, as is has been, as a human upon the earth. Know my Love, that the true ending of the whole incarnation cycle is here. There is nothing to hold on to anymore, there is nothing to be taken with when arising in consciousness. 
The Ascension flame together with the Golden flame create space for you in your spine. And within that space, the breath of God can be taken. It is reawakening within, building up a new momentum of light in Truth. This will affect all of the physical organs of the body that you are shining through and will start changing the whole of your chakra system very rapidly. At the same time, it creates a tremendous freedom within your heart, freedom from the restricted mind, freedom from the prison of feelings, which are no-longer necessary to with-hold within. 
We, the Ascended masters call this the re-birth WITHIN, and we ask you to contemplate the meaning of this wonderful tools, now spoken, written to you in words that your true Heart can understand. 
May you be embraced with the most wonderful frequency of liberation in Love!
May you soon be free from all that you are not!
May the gate to your innermost being be found, for it is right here, right now, where you are!
Allow these frequencies of grace be showered upon you at each moment as the Mother Earth is rejoicing Life within Her form!
I am Kuthumi, the Love for Life.






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