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As we pass through the “Fall,” entering the darkest time of the year, we can be thankful that Lord Jesus incarnated to help humanity, ensuring that there never would be a time again of such desperate darkness on our lovely planet.

If you are feeling fear and that fear is affecting your emotional state try working with unconditional love. Working with unconditional love, almost as an affirmation, has a positive effect on the person to whom it is directed. Also the influence on your emotional state can be profound. In addition unconditional love acts almost as a shield for your emotions because this shielding quality deflects negativity. Try it! Love is stronger than fear so if you are putting forth unconditional love you cannot help but be positively affecting yourself and others.

In the Seven Sacred Flames and The Telos Book Series love is spoken of as being stronger than any negative force and the only force that can conquer fear. One can work with Paul the Venetian on the Third Ray, the Flame of Cosmic Love, to understand that love is the energy that fuels precipitation, healing, rejuvenation, etc.  Gratitude is another way to expand love within yourself and as love expands so will your life.

It is useful to work with others who have similar goals. On our website,, under the tab Contact Us, is the page Study Groups/Ascension Ceremonies. The Study Groups read and discuss The Seven Sacred Flames and The Telos Book Series, channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones, on the Telosians/Lemurians and their lives in the fifth dimension. These books give you an idea of the power of love and what it can do. If there isn’t a Study Group or Ascension Ceremony in your area consider starting one. We will be glad to send you information on starting both Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies if you e-mail us:

If you are already part of a Study Group and have an event coming up please let us know and we will put your event on our website. All Study Group leaders receive a 20% discount on The Seven Sacred Flames, The Telos Book Series, Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames, and The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality. Orders must be placed by phone or e-mail to Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 530-926-4599 or

Our website has channelings, information on the free weekly Telos Teleconference call on Saturdays as well as information about Telos, Lemuria, Adama, Aurelia Louise Jones, and Mount Shasta.

Being willing to open ourselves to more and more love means we are willing to open ourselves to the higher dimensions. Lord Jesus’s life was an example of a human being who took the higher path of love and was thereby able to become an Ascended Master.

In Love,

The Board of Telos-USA

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Letter from Mt. Shasta

Letter from Mt. Shasta

It’s the time of the Autumn Equinox with weather changes signaling the end of summer. In Mt. Shasta the weather is cold one day, hot the next, and rain! After being out all summer it’s time to go inward and gather our spiritual harvest, solidifying the expansion experienced in summer. We are hoping it will be a bountiful harvest for all.

As we head into Autumn working with the Seven Sacred Flames can be helpful to ground the summer expansion. For example, work with the Illumination Flame to ask for insight into whatever areas are presenting in a negative way. As we experienced the sun externally this summer go inward and visualize the Golden Flame of Illumination over your affairs. In The Seven Sacred Flames book in the chapter on the Flame of Cosmic Love it describes a technique to accelerate your vibratory action: three times a day for five minutes lie on your bed and put your attention on a Master or your I AM Presence. It works, try it! When you are able to raise your vibration and maintain this, your lifestream will express harmony and beauty inside and out.

Be sure to go to our website,, to find study groups and/or Ascension ceremonies in your area. Click on the tab “Contact Us” and go to Study Groups/Ascension Ceremonies to see our current list. The Study Groups read The Seven Sacred Flames and The Telos Book Series, channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones. These fascinating books detail life as lived in Telos. They also include messages from various masters and even a message from the Redwoods! Ascension Ceremonies build your momentum of light and deepen your commitment to your enlightenment. You will feel Masters facilitating your experience. Highly recommended!

If there isn’t a Study Group or Ascension Ceremony in your area consider starting one. If you feel so inspired please let us know and we will publish the information on our website so that people looking for a group in your area will be able to find you. Study group leaders receive a 20% discount on The Seven Sacred Flames, The Telos Book Series, Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames, and The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality. Orders must be placed by phone or e-mail to Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 530-926-4599 or

There is a weekly Telos Teleconference on Saturdays. Information on the call and further information on the Lemurians, Telosians, Mt. Shasta, Aurelia Louise Jones, Adama, and various channelings can be accessed on the website.

We are delighted that you are reading this and that you have an interest in Telos.  Have a lovely Autumn.

Board of Telos-USA

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Global Mass Ascension, September 28, 2015 As Wave-X Bombards The Earth!

The earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.23.33 PM
Here are some startling predictions about these incoming cosmic energies and their impact:
An acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late august into late September that will cause, circa 28 September, what is described as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness.An evolutionary changes emerging from world shaking disclosures as a result of the incoming cosmic energy he describes as a ‘WAVE X':We are going to experience a “wave of evolution. What we’re about to find out on a major level, unheard of in history at a mass scale is the true answer of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What is our purpose?‘. The planet is going to take off in such an incredible ways.”The Jade Helm exercise that began on July 15 and runs to September 15, is really aimed at gaining intelligence about the effects of the incoming cosmic energies in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity:This exercise is very much connected to the frequency shift whereby the lower states where the exercises are being carried out will be experiencing a higher frequency field in July and August – the purpose being of learning from and managing the resultant effects on the population there before it heightens further in the upper states into September.The U.S. Intelligence community is aware of the potential effects of the incoming cosmic energies and is taking steps to manage this. The U.S. Intelligence community is very likely not the only global entity aware of the incoming cosmic energies that is taking steps to manage this.A frequency shift will occur in the 23-28 September time frame is very significant. This is also the time that pope francis will be meeting with the president at the white house (Sept 23) and speaking before the u.s. Congress (Sept 24) and there will be an attempt to use CERN to deflect this massive in comining energy wave. To cap it all off, Pope Francis will address a gathering of world political leaders at the un general assembly on Sept 25. The Vatican’s own intelligence service is also very likely aware of these incoming cosmic energies. It’s more than coincidental that at the same time that incoming cosmic energies are predicted to peak on the planet, that the world’s most powerful religious and political leaders meet. The Vatican appears to be aware of incoming cosmic energy and the powerful transformative effect it will have on humanity, and is placing itself to ride the cosmic wave so to speak.

Incoming cosmic energies are having profound effects on human dna and will trigger major disclosures. Certain Star Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation stationed on Earth on earth have already been appointed as delegates to a group of extraterrestrials called the Sphere Being Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance showed up some time around 2012-2013 with huge neptune sized spheres that formed frequency shields around the solar system and the sun. One of the major functions of these spheres was to regulate the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so humanity could better integrate it and prepare for major changes:

The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our sol system and neighboring sol systems (electrically connected in the “cosmic web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that changed the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “density spectrum”.

Among the changes that will be triggered by incoming cosmic energies is the release of information concerning advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life in what goode has described as a “full disclosure event.” goode announced on Saturday that these Neptune sized spheres are about to leave our solar system since they have achieved their primary function:

The “spheres” seem to nearing the end of their purpose as they are also beginning to buffer less and less of the energy thus allowing more and more to enter into the inner sol system and directly effect the sun, planets and human beings that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies. At some point the spheres will be gone and we will fully be considered a 4/5th density transition civilization. There are of course quite a few other events that will be occurring before this last event leaves us standing on our own finally.

At 11:11AM on 9/28/2015, WAVE X will bombard the earth with photon-gamma light particles traveling ast the speed of light and an instantaneous DNA change will occur. The beings whose internal Schuman resonance is stabilized at 17 Hertz or higher will be propelled into the 5th Dimension!
The number of beings projected to ascend by 9282015 is a little over 2.3 billion and the exact number depends on the collective consciousness of humanity to manifest how the changes will play out. Cosmic energies are peaking and that the “spheres” are buffering these less and less. All this suggests that late September may well be a time where a cosmic energy spike causes significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a mass ascension of light beings who have raised their frequencies to a high enough level of self love!

The date 9282015 is known as the “EVENT HORIZON” and is the most important day in the history of humanity! It is not the end but the beginning of a mass global ascension from beings vibrating in upper 4D into 5D. Your real work will begin on this date as you will need to hold even more light in the body to assist the rest of humanity in their ascension!

Source: Zonnews

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First Wave of Ascension Predicted for Sept. 28, 2015

September 12, 2015 by 

lmX00YJKcmTSpnsKtRf2FrelaG3f7W9ieg8f9oz0YJixi4pjYrs2WATqD7jHWmvk5mUQKLSwfaC06MCcIrO2Gggf0XxBYa-8ZQdOUU1nARpADgYsOPi8uQdAEizYN-U=s0-d-e1-ftIf there’s anything no one around here wants to talk about, it’s dates.

Anyone who’s ever given a date for any event – Ascension, Disclosure, the Reval, whatever – has only always been wrong. A perfect batting average.

Now we have a number of people coming forth and giving the date of Sept. 28, 2015, for the first wave of Ascension.  I’m certainly game to play. I’ll hold myself open to the possibility, but I also promise not to complain later if it doesn’t happen.

Since such worthies as SaLuSa and Patricia Diane Cota-Robles are saying it, I feel it deserves some attention. Let’s look at who are giving this date for the “Event,” the “first wave,” “Wave X,” and Ascension.

First I have to acknowledge that Matt Kahn has been giving the date for some time. I remember him saying it years ago.  Here’s one of his discussions from March of this year:

“As far as ascension goes, it would be more accurate to no longer wonder when Earth is ascending, but to contemplate when your Earth will ascend. …

“While the Universe gave me the date 9/27/15 as a marker in time, signifying when the first wave, or 1/3 of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness, many interpreted this through older ascension models and created literal meaning out of a metaphorical journey of expanding consciousness. Others assumed it to be a date when the world in view begins to become the heaven on Earth they yearn to discover. As a way of clarifying what I’ve been told, 9/27/15 signifies a moment in time when 1/3rd of the planet will be aligned in 5D consciousness. When you are aligned, it signifies your readiness for entry. This means, as of 9/27/15, 1/3rd of the planet will begin a rapid ascension into 5D consciousness. It won’t be a dissolving into a different planet, but an emerging into a new spiritual paradigm of experience.” (1)

Now SaLuSa, speaking yesterday, Sept. 11, said:

“You are now repeatedly being informed that September 28 is the high point of the month, as the day on which the photon energies peak. Not only that, but to a level that has not been previously experienced. If you ever had any doubts about the progress being made towards Ascension, they have surely now been removed. You will now begin to realise that so much has been happening “behind the scenes” that you were not aware of previously.

“As you have often been told, that has been in the interests of keeping our plan secret for as long as possible. Different civilisations have been involved in the action….

“No longer shall you be subject to those who carry the negative energies, or their actions that bring down the higher vibrations of the Light. Simply put, they cannot survive in the higher vibrations that are for souls who have moved past the need for further experience at that level.

“Wherever you are in the world, the new energies will change the old ones, and Ascension will give the same opportunities to all souls regardless of their background. It has been the same ever since your journey started eons of time ago. All souls have been assisted through their various lives, even if they have been unaware of the presence of their Guides. As the vibrations rise some souls will begin to have an awareness of them and ultimately are able to converse with them. …

“We believe that many of you will begin to feel the benefits of the rise in vibrations, and it should bring a peace of mind and a happy feeling that at last you can fully enjoy the Light that is increasing all of the time. Life is to be full of purpose and uplifting, and the old days of chaos and uncertainty will fade into the background having served their purpose in helping you evolve.” (2)

I’ve always held SaLuSa in the highest regard as a source, along with Matthew Ward, Hilarion, Jesus and Saul, and Archangel Michael.

I’ve also held Patricia Diane Cota-Robles in high regard and she predicts a consciousness shift on Sept. 28, 2015:

“The effects of that Activity of Light will build in momentum until September 27-28, 2015, when we will experience not only an incredibly powerful influx of Light from a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but a life-transforming influx of Light from a Celestial Event referred to as WAVE X, or The Event Horizon. This is a Celestial opportunity that we have not been able to benefit from since our fall from Grace.

“On September 28, 2015, we will receive a crescendo of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core. This is a rhythmic pulsation of Light that blesses our Solar System every 3,600 years with the Divine Intent of raising the consciousness of Sons and Daughters of God and accelerating the evolution of our Solar System. Even though this wondrous Gift of Light from On High has been available every 3,600 years, since our tragic fall from Grace the Earth and Humanity have been vibrating at a discordant frequency that was unable to receive or assimilate the benefits of these Gamma Rays. Now, however, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!” (3)

On that day, she says, we’ll receive the full benefit of the gamma-ray build-up:

“On September 27-28, 2015, through every person’s I AM Presence, Humanity en masse is going to receive the full power and might of the myriad Gamma Rays we have missed from this rhythmic 3,600 year Gift from On High, back to the initial impulse of the fall. This has never been done before and no one knows how it will manifest for each of us individually, but KNOW the results will ONLY enhance our lives and our Ascension process.

“The Mighty Elohim have assured us that the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity and the Bodies of Mother Earth are now vibrating at a frequency that is ready and able to withstand this influx of Gamma Rays and that this will occur in perfect Divine Order. This is a Cosmic Moment beyond anything that has ever occurred for the Sons and Daughters of God. Be at Peace and Be Here NOW!” (4)

Sandra Walter didn’t actually come out and say the first wave of Ascension will be September 28, 2015, but her article on the subject comes very close to it and is jam-packed with useful advice on how to respond to the time most effectively. (5)

Some new channels as well come on the scene and make the same announcement. Michael Love, channeling Archangel Michael, says the energies will be at their highest on September 28:

“Many of you are aware of a great shift that has occurred inside of you which is now entering the phase where it will manifest outwardly as your perceived reality.

“Over the next 21 days the powerful wave of gamma light coming in from the Galactic Core (The Pleroma), will continue to impact Earth and its beings! The power of this incoming gamma light wave as measured by German and Russian scientists recently was discovered to have doubled over the last 2 weeks and is now increasing exponentially!

“This super wave of gamma photon light has the power of one hundred million nuclear reactors and had to be diffused using advanced satellite technology by a group of star beings known as the Earth Alliance to turn down the power level to be safer and easier to integrate by the Earth and its beings.

“Some of the after effects of this streaming down of Wave-X was seen in every country of the world as large blue/white column beams of plasma measuring up to one mile in diameter striking the ground.

“As we have now entered the densest area of the Photon belt, the power of Wave-X is increasing each hour and each day.

“This great point in humanity’s evolution is known as ‘THE EVENT HORIZON’.” (6)

He then goes on to say that the energy will be the highest in modern history and describes three waves of ascenders:

“September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.

“The Schumann Resonance of the Earth and the entire cosmos has reached an astounding level of 33 Hertz now with no other explanation for the sudden leap other than you are pushing it higher and higher at an exponential rate by your internal vibration and divine intention. This is 12 Hertz above the 5D New Earth Level so Gaia is more than ready to receive the first wave of love beings at Tetrad 9282015.

“These ascension pioneers well deserve the first entrance into The Kingdom of 5D Heaven because of their sacrifice and their desire and dedication to this whole ascension project! Most of you reading this message will be included in this first wave of approx. 2.3 billion souls.

“There is a leveling off and adjustment period for a few months after 9/28 for everyone to fully integrate the new energies and to begin the detailed forming of their paradise called The New Earth! The ones who did not vibrate high enough to reach 21 hertz will come a few months after in spring 2016. The third wave (unconscious humanity) will reach the 21 hertz level last in mid-summer 2016.” (7)

Rather than cite you perhaps four or five more sources saying the same thing, which would make this article much longer than it is already, I direct you to Dieter’s site, where a collection of messages from different channels exists, with the same prediction: https://

I’m game. I’m open. Having a game to play makes life interesting. So I’m aligning “as if” September 28 is the day.

However I may not be going with you. I’m a pillar and that means I choose to remain till the last, shut the lights, and close the door.

Moreover, my assignment is to go up gradually with everyone else and write about it. That may require me to remain with the 5 or so billion who haven’t ascended and keep working away. If that’s the case, then bon voyage and happy Ascension to you. I’ll join you later.


(1) Matt Kahn, “Energy Update March 2015 – Demystifying Ascension: Part 1,” March 2015, at http://www.truedivinenature. com/EnergyUpdateMarch2015.htm.

(2) SaLuSa, Oct. 11, 2015.

(3) “Life-transforming Success and Much, Much More! – by Patricia Diane Cota Robles,” September 8, 2015, at news/

(4) Loc. cit.

(5) “The Final Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway,” by Sandra Walter, September 8, 2015, at the-final-equinox-blood-moon- eclipse-gateway/

(6) “Archangel Michael: September Cosmic Wave Increasing Exponentially!”, Channeled by Michael Love, September 7, 2015, https://prophecychief.

(7) Loc. cit.


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Telos-USA Summer Newsletter


Telos-USA pic-studygroupannounce.


Letter from Mt. Shasta

Wish you were here with us, perfect weather: warm during the day and cool at night. Studying the Seven Sacred Flames, reading the chapter corresponding to the day, is a great way to acclimate into the energies of the mountain. It is amazing how much information is in that book. Even though we have read it a number of times there are new gems available with each reading.

Reading The Seven Sacred Flames and The Telos Book Series can help us with our every-day lives. The Violet Flame can be particularly useful in working with people. Even if we aren’t experiencing negativity, we might want to see a transmutation of energy so we can have a more pleasant work environment. It helps to visualize a person surrounded by the love of the Violet Flame, not just the Violet Flame, but the love of the Violet Flame. We include love as it is the underlying attribute of God, and could manifest as feelings of compassion and forgiveness, thereby allowing a person to free themselves of their burdens. The books offer extraordinary spiritual ways to help not only ourselves but others.

Are you involved in a Study Group or are attending an Ascension Ceremony on a regular basis? Communicating with people who are working with The Seven Sacred Flames and The Telos Book Series can inspire new ways of living our lives. Check our website under Study Groups/Ascension Ceremonies to see if there is one in your area. If there isn’t one consider starting either a Study Group or an Ascension Ceremony. We will be glad to send you information on starting both Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies if you e-mail us at The Study Groups read The Seven Sacred Flames and The Telos Book Series, channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones, on the Telosians/Lemurians and their lives in the fifth dimension. The books offer techniques to help us raise our consciousness which will allow them to meet and share their knowledge with us.

If you are already part of a Study Group and have an event coming up please let us know and we will put your event on our website. Remember that all Study Group leaders receive a 20% discount on The Seven Sacred Flames, The Telos Book Series, Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames, and The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality. Orders must be placed by phone or e-mail to Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 530-926-4599 or

Also on our website are channelings, information on the weekly Telos Teleconference call on Saturdays as well as information about Telos, Lemuria, Adama, Aurelia Louise Jones, and Mount Shasta. Enjoy!

The information we have learned allows us to trust more and thereby become more receptive instead of resistant to opening ourselves to the love God and the Masters have for us. Being receptive means more love in our lives and an ability to walk the earth more gracefully and gratefully.

Happy summer!

Board of Telos-USA

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April – 2015

April Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada

Adama 72 dpi






I Am Adama,

Every one of you reading this message is enveloped and supported by my Loving heart.
This message is charged with the energy of our hearts here in Telos, as well as with the
energy of your own hearts.

Your heart speaks to you constantly and you are learning to listen to it. I invite you to
anchor firmly in yourself the certainty, the belief that you are divinely guided towards
your true heart. Your heart now wants to be heard. In several of your past lives, your
heart was only a whisper, just audible enough to make you notice your difference with
your brothers and sisters of the Earth. Well, that heart is now screaming! It is shouting
its thirst for freedom, its thirst for happiness, for joy. It is talking about another way of
life; it is talking to you about your own way to live your life.

Dear pioneers of the Christ Love, I invite you to acknowledge the great shifts in
consciousness occurring within you. These heart impulses are prompting you to
make changes; changes in attitudes, in beliefs, in habits. Stop denying what you
deeply feel. These emotions, these feelings are talking about yourself, about your
aspirations. An harmonization is currently developing, where your true Being will
live from the heart in the energies of the new Earth. Your own energy grids are
getting nearer and nearer to the ones of the 5th dimension, to eventually merge
together. So the energies of the 5th dimension are coming towards you to help each
of you recognize who you are.

In order to facilitate the harmonization of the Light energies, I invite you to trust
the intelligence and the Love of the Great Life. I invite you to live this trust, to
explore it and amplify it in your life, especially when the events occurring seem
devoid of any sense. Trust in life, trust in the Source, trust in the Universe: choose
the expression that makes your heart vibrate. It is trust that opens the large door of
the 5th dimensional energies. So every night, take the time to review the events of
your day to see their perfection and their guidance. This simple exercise will help
you to further develop your trust in life. You will learn to recognize the all-powerful
Love of your Divine Being, doing everything in its power to help you understand the
laws of life that come to you, always with great precision and accuracy.

Knights of the Light, take refuge in this trust and do not let anything sway you away
from the pathway of light on which you are walking. Know that with every step you
take on this path, you are helping to transform this world which is in the grip of the
illusion of separation. The fear vibration is incompatible with the vibration of your
real and divine heart. As long as you accept fear in your life, without realizing it, you
raise an impenetrable wall between your consciousness and your heart. Any fear
vibration keeps you in separation.

Dear brave ones, choose to work with the Life, to open yourselves so that you can
transform every fear in pure joy and freedom and to finally live the true Life.

I Am Adama, the one who knows you. May the enthusiasm of victory carry you forever!
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Master Kuthumi Spring Equinox Message

Message from Kuthumi



Channeled by Saryon

As you breathe, allow your hearts to expand into the presence of the Ascended Masters. The field of Our Love and our expanded Collective Heart is upon you and is facing yours to create a pathway for that opening within you.

I am the Ascended Master Kuthumi, and I am here today to welcome you into the field of your new potential once again. We (Kuthumi and Saint Germain) are coming to add new layers of energy into the human resonance field that can support the field of your new potential to arrive and anchor. It is like creating a fertile ground for new seedlings to sprout and take root, and begin to grow in the light that is dawning.

The Ascension Flame has a unique directive that is coming to bear within humanity. It is calling forth the light from within you.   It is calling YOU forth, to throw off the fears and doubts about shining in your fullness.

The new paradigm is arriving as a new platform for cocreation. You are not simply awakening within the old matrix where there is nothing but resistance around you to this new light. You are rising above that old matrix altogether, being plucked from it, and opening into the resonance of a new world that is crystalizing before your very eyes.

You will begin to see this new world all around you as it is being created from within you, and from within the collective of light bearing energies that you are a part of. You will see it around you, even as others are still playing out their dreams and nightmares of resistance and suffering in the old world. You will understand their suffering and their illusions because you emerged from that same world.

It will take some time to integrate with the changes as they occur. Many of you will wonder if the shift you perceive (from the inside) is really indicative of the outer changes that you have been hoping for and praying for. Be patient. Sometimes the inner will shift first, and it may take weeks or even months before the outer begins to follow suit. Your life is going to be rearranged by the light that is claiming you. Your purpose now is to receive it, to be blessed by it, to welcome it, and to include yourself as a part of it.

There are many new layers of energy arriving through your collective DNA. These layers of energy, as they impact the physical, are creating a change in your resonance. Some of you may feel this in your sacral chakra. That is why we are focused on a healing in that area at this time. We are healing and opening the sacral chakra of humanity and we are clearing away the structures in the mind that have judged, feared or impeded this expansion. We are clearing away shame. We are clearing away guilt. We are clearing away resentment. All of these energies are being embraced by an expanding spiral.

In some way these energies are being squeezed out of you to make room for the new layers of collective creative vibrations. At times you may feel struck by these new layers of energy as they arrive. You may feel frantic, as if you do not know what to do with the energy. You may feel excitement: like you have energy, and yet you do not know exactly how it is to be directed. You may even feel at times an increase or an activation of the sexual energy. More of the link between the sexual energy and the creative flow of the sacral chakra is being revealed. Some layers of your life force and your blueprint have been disconnected from others.

A part of the sacral chakra’s full power has been lying dormant within the physiological aspect of the sexual energy. As the sacral chakra is being resurrected, it is stimulating a reconnection between the physical levels of this energy and the more ethereal levels of this energy. Realize that you are here to receive these energies as they arrive, and sometimes this involves just being with the energy. You do not need to figure out where to go with it or what to do. Rather, allow us to do the work.

When you feel struck by the energy, take some time to relax, to connect with us, and to breathe in the love of humanity’s collective heart, which we hold with you. Bathe in the water, and drink lots of fresh water. Sometimes you might be called to exercise, to stretch and oxygenate your muscles. Other times you may be called simply to lie down, to relax, and to give the mind over to a deeper relaxation. Sometimes it is best when the mind is completely out of the way.

We are calling upon you to assist the Ascended Masters in anchoring these new layers of energy for the world. These new layers of cocreation energy are being established worldwide to support the expansion of many new blueprints for change.

It is one thing to hold a magnificent creative dream for yourself — a dream of what you wish to do in the world — a dream of being fulfilled creatively, and as an instrument of the Divine. It is another experience entirely when the Calling to create that dream and, the manifestation energy, begins to show up. Then, you become responsible for manifesting the vision. You are no longer holding it as a dreaming but, rather, the reverse is occurring. The dream of your potential is like a being unto itself and, that dream, that calling from the future, is beginning to dream YOU into alignment with the manifestation process. This involves a great deal of surrender. It involves dropping many of your conditions. It involves facing fears in a more accelerated way. It involves increasing your sense of self worth.

All of these things we can help you with. We are here to serve you. We ask you now to receive that the dream of your potential is now beginning to dream you into alignment with a new level of manifestation energy.

You will feel less control over the process of your life as this is occurring, and it will occur in waves. We do not expect too much of you. We expect that your egos will react just as everyone else’s does: with the same doubts, resistance, unworthiness, and fear. These are collective patterns. It is part of a collective denial that we are breaking you free from, and yet we call you to remember that this was part of your soul agreement to break free from these collective patterns for many other people. And because you volunteered as a way-shower, we promised we would be there to help — and now we have come.

We have come to claim you for this new potential. We have come with reinforcements because you are not being asked to do this alone. You are doing this with a very large global team.

Allow yourself to be inspired about what is arriving.   These are just the first layers of energy beginning to call you. Part of the reason why you have called forth this teaching is so that you can handle these incoming waves that your soul knows will be there. You can feel the potential for the acceleration and you do not want to miss any of your potential, and so you have enacted the agreement. You have activated OUR role in YOUR ascension process so that WE can cocreate the manifestation of  your soul’s dreams together.

We are asking you to continually work with this process of putting the mind out of the sacral energy. The sacral chakra needs its own sacred space. You can imagine that your sacral chakra is like a person unto itself – a unique aspect of your identity. The part of you that exists more in a mental framework is its own person. These two resonances of self are like partners. They are companions, and yet they do not always combine in the most harmonious way.

The heart is being expanded to bring these two partners into a sacred union, to bring them into oneness, harmony, and balance but, at times, in this process, it is important to put the mind aside – to surrender it and give it over to the Masters so the sacral chakra can simply have space to just be.

The ego will often be very quick to find a use for the new energy as it is coming in. Sometimes an infusion of new energy can be exhilarating, inspiring. It can expand your sense of possibilities, and yet the ego will always try to imagine its own use for this energy. This is what we ask you to set aside — to not assume that you know so much about where it is all going, or how or when or why.   This is how you make room for the full power and intelligence of the sacral chakra to expand.

The mind has invented many creative processes – many processes of reasoning and logic in the absence of a deeper connection to light and to a flow of creative energy that comes from a collective intelligence. The mind invented many ways of rationalizing and reasoning and thinking out a creative process for navigating life’s potentials, for making decisions, and for evaluating what was the best way forward, and yet the mind and the ego are riddled with self-deception, with agendas, with fears. So many of these processes are tainted with agendas.

In the absence of a flow of creative energy and light coming through a community field — and coming through a multidimensional connection with the community of your higherselves — the mind developed many ways of being that no longer serve the process that you are in. Your minds are not used to being informed by collective intelligence, and yet the proper inputs are there. The doorways are being unsealed, the keys are being turned, and the brain’s potential for processing collective intelligence is being restored.

Right now we are at work throughout the world performing a kind of re-connective surgery . . . to reconnect the field generated by the sacral chakra with certain areas of the brain that stimulate the nervous system’s ability to link in with collective fields of intelligence. As these re-connective operations are taking place throughout the world, each time the proper linkages are restored, it strengthens the resonance of all those who are aligning with this unique aspect of the evolutionary shift. It is strengthening the resonance of these connections within your brainfield and your nervous system. It is strengthening the connections within your collective DNA.

We are asking all of you to be more loving towards your bodies: to be more loving towards your nervous system, and to strive to have a cleaner, more pure diet. Your body is a vehicle for the whole hologram of humanity’s collective DNA. Your body is a vehicle for the Christ Consciousness. It is a vehicle for the resonance of all the animals and the intelligence that they embody and reflect. In a very real sense, the

body does not belong to you. It belongs to the Creator. It belongs to the singularity of the Christ that is awakening within you — so treat your bodies as if they are simply on loan to you, until the original owner arrives to join you in the physical as your Eternal Companion.

You may begin to feel how this idea that you are the owner of the body rather than the steward is coming to the surface to be examined. It is an old form of thinking that is part of what has allowed the ego to play games of self-sabotage. You do not own these bodies any more than you own the air that you breathe. They are a resource for a vast creative intelligence that you are a part of. It is only the illusion of separation that has kept you from that level of dreaming.

It is very common for people to feel a certain degree of guilt or shame upon realizing the extent to which they are not the owners of the body but rather the stewards, sent to keep these bodies and maintain them until the alignment could occur that would allow the divine self to link up with the incarnated personality (in the physical).

Sometimes an incarnated personality can experience shock, wondering: “What have I been doing — why did I not realize the level of responsibility I was given here?” All of the lessons that you have chosen for yourself during the time of your separation are understood, accepted and embraced as part of the evolutionary story that you are creating and living through. All of the experiences that you have chosen for yourself were chosen for the benefit of others, and for you to gain wisdom and strength in your resolve to work towards improving yourself.

You each have created a story of self-improvement that would allow others to relate to you and your journey to birth into your higher potential so, do not judge any flaws, weaknesses, or things that you perceive as mistakes. From our perspective, all of these things were part of a package. You chose them with purpose, knowing that the revelation of Christ’s unconditional love would appear within you to claim you, along with all of your imperfections. That is how you are birthing into the revelation of unconditional love, by first learning to give it to yourself.

Right now we see many layers of energy stacked one on top of the other – overlaying the human blueprint, waiting to emerge in human consciousness. All of these layers are around you. Each layer of energy comes with its own unique challenges of integration. These new layers of energy are creating a reorganization of the inner workings of human intelligence. You are being called to pay attention – to listen – to be aware of this flow as it is arising.

Before you can Engage the Flow, you must first understand the flow – to understand what it is, and where it is coming from. You must become aware of this new energy and committed to serving its needs. You are beginning to engage in a field of intelligence that can guide your actions, words and deeds. This is a more intuitive way of being.

Through these new layers of energy you will be able to receive help from within to help you realize your potential. This is the great work that we have set about doing in this time period: to bond together those who are here to help one another through this collective field so that as you are called to take steps you will not be taking them alone. You will be taking them together. You will, in many cases, be taking steps in unison, and yet as you do this you will clear the path for many others that will follow.

Some of you are faced with situations about which you cannot see a resolution, and some of you will be faced with such situations. These experiences were designed to help break down the control within you so that you become willing to take leaps of faith, to trust in the unseen, to relax into the flow, and to let go of believing that you have to solve the problems on your own from your own level of thinking.

When you find yourself in a situation that you cannot resolve — when it seems as though you are facing a certain catastrophe — allow yourself to becoming lovingly aware that this is merely how the ego sees things from its reference point. What we see is that your soul is engaging you in a process that is designed to breakdown your control – that is designed to produce surrender, so that you relax and become open to receive the outcome that the Divine has in store for you.

Here we must also clarify the difference between surrender and inaction. There are some cases where you are called to surrender control, and yet surrender and inaction are two different things. Sometimes when the ego wants to avoid taking greater responsibility it will say: “Oh, well, I will just surrender this to God — I will just give this over to the angels,” as a way of abdicating responsibility instead of making the hard decisions and facing the things that you are avoiding.

 Simply not taking action and saying, “I just give it up to God,” — does not equal surrender. You must be very discerning about what the Calling is really asking you to do. Are you being asked to let go of control, or are you being called to take action against the resistance of the ego. Sometimes the Calling is asking you to surrender your resistance to taking action. It is an important distinction: that between surrender by letting go and surrender by choosing forward into a new potential. Both of these represent a form of surrender. One is yielding, and one is proactive. You must be able to discern which Calling is present in each situation.  

What does the Creator’s arrival as a presence in human reality look like? What does it feel like? Let us suggest that part of that arrival is happening as a flow of energy. It is this flow of energy that you have come here to explore, to discover, and to embrace.

From our perspective, an aspect of the Creator’s very existence is an unlimited, ever expanding flow of energy, and that flow has been created to move in cycles, to expand in cycles, to grow in cycles, to express itself in cycles — and now the cycle of this universe is shifting and your bodies are shifting with it.

Open yourselves to the possibility that a part of the Creator’s presence is arriving within you as a new flow of energy. Understand that, no matter how much you have prayed for and longed for your ascension, no matter how much you have called for greater awakening – the actual experience of these layers of energy coming in that contain the Calling of your greater potential will provoke certain responses in the ego. There will be that aspect of you that says: “Who me? No, surely not me. Why would God trust me with such potential in the world?”

There is that part of you that will claim that you are not worthy, even though your soul prays for ascension. You will become aware of your own duality. While the heart longs for reunion with God and the Ascended Masters, your ego struggles against that very same reunion.

Even the most hidden forms of self-sabotage will come to the surface and will become plainly visible. You will learn things about yourself that you did not consciously know about your own patterns of separation.

One of the most surprising illusions of the ego is the belief the ego has that it can actually hide from the presence of God. What you have asked of us, Beloved Ones, is to come and claim you. To claim you in such a way that these illusions are rooted out and brought to the surface so they can be purged and loved into greater wholeness.

Remember that there is nothing that you have ever done in any lifetime to disqualify you from the Creator’s love. The ego’s fear of judgment is one of those obstacles that stand in the way of your liberation and your reconnection to the Source of all love from within. When you feel such a fear of being judged come to the surface, place this fear before your companion, Saint Germain. Allow Saint Germain’s gaze to focus upon this place where you fear judgment, where you fear to be seen and to be naked before the Divine One. Saint Germain’s gaze will help you to nullify this fear and transmute this judgment into an experience of joyous reunion with love.

Do not hesitate to turn towards us. Do not hesitate to ask for help. One day you will turn and help others, precisely as we are helping you now, and we are certain of that. Remember to be in the acknowledgment of how your lives are a blessing to each other as each one of you is helping to anchor these new layers of energy for everyone else.   We are grateful for this opportunity to serve. Namaste!

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Happy Spring Equinox

Channeled by Suzanne Lie
March 3, 2015


The Arcturians~Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox


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It is the NOW of Amazing Energy Fields are Entering our Life

Questions and Answers with the Arcturians

Question: I feel like there is something really big coming. Is that correct?

Arcturians: You are very correct that there is a major activation that is coming into Beingness around, during and after what you would call the “time” of the Spring Equinox. There are two reasons why this activation energy field is being released around that moment of the NOW.


One reason is because it is the Spring Equinox, which signals the end of the long winter and the beginning of Spring. Hence, it is a Now in which people are more happy than usual. People who have suffered through long winters, just as with the winter in the Northeast of the United States, are happy to welcome the return of Spring.

Winter represents the season in which whatever is too old or has reached the end of it cycle is released form the 3D Matrix. On the other hand, Spring is a time of birth and rebirth. New animals are born and plants that slept through the long winter blossom into the “flowers” of Spring.

During this Spring Equinox many of the old ways of thinking and perceiving must be “let go” as they will not fit the new paradigm. Spring of 2015 will welcome new way of thinking so that you can perceive the higher dimensions.

Of course, your thoughts influence your perceptions – AND your perceptions influence your thoughts. When your thoughts are, “Okay, NOW we are going into the next phase” they influence your perceptions to be aware of what they will discover in the new season. Then, as more and more people perceive a shift, it makes it safer for others to allow their new hopes and desires to manifest.

Hence, as the Winter ends and Spring begins there is an opportunity for new thoughts and new expectations to enter your consciousness. Once you expect something new, you will look for signs of something new and fresh to enter your reality. Therefore, Spring is a perfect moment of the NOW to bring in energy fields that are filled with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.


Along with that beginning of Spring is the Solar Eclipse that is occurring within the same NOW. A Solar Eclipse represents a reset. You are all aware that sometimes your computers will get confused, and you have to turn them off to reset the system. Then turn them on again.

When you reset the Sun with an eclipse it is very different than when you reset the Moon. However, the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse are close to each other within your time zone. The Solar, male, Sun, represents the initiation of the shift from the current energy field into a higher frequency energy field.

The Lunar Eclipse, female, brings in and absorbs the energy fields that you have been living in from the time between the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse. In that “in between” you have a chance to integrate the energy into your body, your consciousness, your perceptions and your daily life.


Another very important influence on this incoming energy field is that Uranus and Pluto in the sky are finally completing their dance of squaring each other by being 90 degrees apart from each other in the sky. In order to best explain the meaning of “Pluto square Uranus”, we will look at the two planets individually.

Pluto represents an extreme transmutation of a given energy field. We say “extreme” because with Pluto transmutation something often needs to “die.” In other words, some component of the old energy field will need to be completely released and cross over into the next dimension. Uranus represents “do it NOW.”

Therefore the release of certain energy patterns will be released within the NOW of the end of the Winter cycle and beginning of the Spring cycle of the Solar Eclipse.


Now, let us look at the sign in which each of these planets are currently residing. The sign of a planet is the “energy field” which is constantly influencing that planet.

Both Pluto and Uranus have been in their “signs” for half of the cycle of that sign. (15 degrees of the 30 degrees of each sign.) Pluto is in Capricorn. Among other things, Capricorn represents world governments. Pluto is half way through its process of the transmutation process of world governments.

Uranus is in Aries, which among other things represents new beginnings, new births. Uranus is half way through the process of “new birth.” Therefore, the signs of the planets say, “Transmutation of world governments is occurring NOW.”


A square, 90 degrees apart, represents potential power. Each aspect can be represented like rivers. A conjunction, 10 degrees, is like two rivers travelling side by side. A trine, 120 degrees, is the best way for two rivers to merge into one river and a square, 90 degrees, is much like a waterfall. If you try to ignore that you are coming to a waterfall, you could easily drown. However, if you build a dam at the base of the waterfall, you will gain great power.

To summarize, Uranus is ready to bring in the transit NOW to begin a NEW way of thinking and perceiving reality. The energy of Uranus cannot be ignored, as it WILL influence your life whether or not you are ready. The energy of Pluto, on the other hand, is very quiet, but moves into your deepest and highest states of consciousness to transmute your experiences and reactions to life

Uranus says, “It is the NOW. Personally you don’t get a choice. You are part of a bigger system and this bigger system says this is the Now.” Pluto says, “I am here NOW to transmute world government.”

When you put Pluto and Uranus 90 degrees apart they say, “Great transmutations of world government are occurring NOW. If you are not aware of this fact you may be ‘cast about’ by the process of change. However, if you can openly embrace this change, you can connect with the power you have within.”

Uranus says, “There is not choice. It is the NOW,” and Pluto says, “Whatever cannot be transmuted must be released.” Therefore, the combination of these many, simultaneous energy fields represent a radical reboot to transmute the structure of personal, governmental and planetary consciousness.

Question/Comment: This is the last square of the seven. The Pluto/Uranus square – this is the last of the seven.

Arcturian Answer: Seven, of course, is a very powerful number. The number 7 often represents the seeker of the truth (Uranus), and is willing to overturn every rock to find that truth (Pluto). Seven is a metaphysical, and hence a Multidimensional, number.

Much like Plutonian energy, the number 7 often represents alchemical changes. There are great alchemical changes that will begin to occur on a cellular level. In fact the changes will begin at the level of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, as these 3D elements transmute into 5D Elementals.

Therefore, as reality begins to shift, it shifts at the very beginnings of ALL life. Everything on Planet Earth is a member of the Elemental Kingdom, thus everything is shifting. Those who are aware and prepared for the re-boot will shift as quickly as their physical bodies and psychological brain waves are able to embrace. Then it will be their assignment to assist others with their re-boot.

The re-boot will move through states of consciousness, which is why we instructed Suzille to write the long series on “States of Consciousness,”which began in January of 2015 on this blog. We want people to realize that different states of consciousness activate different perceptions.

Humans, even our own Emissaries to Earth of whom you have spoken, will not be able to perceive these shifts unless they are in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, which would be at Delta or preferably and Gamma Wave Consciousness.

During this process it will be helpful if you allow your body to rest. Remember, when your computer is re-booting you are unable to use it. It may feel similar with your human form. Do not fight the feeling. Instead, meditate, relax, laugh with friends, eat sparsely and get a lot of sleep.

In other words, the elements of your body will need to be still. Then you can meditate to expand your consciousness into a higher frequency of awareness. The energies will enter your form via your Pineal Gland, but the process will occur in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind will better grasp the situation as it resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Once the perception of your re-boot is stored in your Multidimensional Mind it can later be downloaded into your third-dimensional brain. Your Multidimensional Mind can accept the entire hit at once because it will come in as a blast of the Now.

Your 3D brain or the 3D body could be harmed by that sudden download. Therefore, the energy will first go into the Multidimensional Mind where it is all stored in your personal “external hard drive.” Then your physical brain, the computer for the third-dimensional vehicle, can gradually download what your state of consciousness and physical form can safely accept.

Each of you will download what is in alignment with your personal mission first and then move on to Gaia’s planetary mission. It is important that you all hold your own pieces of the picture. Then you will be called on to connect in Planetary Consciousness in order to gain the entire energy package. Only while you are in “Planetary Unity Consciousness,” will you be able to put together the pieces of this huge, planetary “jigsaw puzzle.”

Finishing this jigsaw puzzle will take what you as humans perceive as time, but we as Arcturians and we as Galactics all perceive as “The Now.” Those that are in communion with their fifth dimensional – and beyond – expressions of SELF, will also receive the energy within the Now.

Those of you who are consciously connected with your Multidimensional SELF will be able to experience a unique experience of feeling this energetic download in the Now. But you will also recognize that it will take “time” for this translation of energy to be shared on the third and fourth dimension.

Question: Is there a danger we need to prepare for?

Arcturians: We do not feel danger. If you are afraid, your consciousness will drop and you will miss the entire experience. However, if you embrace the energy filed of Unconditional Love and encircle yourself in the Violet Fire, your transmutation will feel like infinite Love and transmutation – which it IS!

To assure a calmer experience, practice holding Unconditional Love while you encircle yourself with Violet Fire. The Violet Fire encircling you allows you to step down any transmutation process in a manner that does not damage your physical form, frighten your emotional body and/or confuse your mental body.

Also, focus on your Multidimensional Mind so that your 3D brain doesn’t get upset trying to take in an energy field that is beyond time and try to place it into your 3D brain, which is prepared to accept that frequency of energy.

There are certain protections and firewalls that occur at certain levels of initiation. As we have said, we have downloaded a fragment of our Multidimensional Essence into the physical bodies of our “Volunteers to Ascending Earth.” This download is more than just DNA. We/YOU have actually sent a percentage of the essence of your higher dimensional SELF into the Earth vessel you are currently wearing.

Therefore, our “Volunteers to Earth” have two sets of DNA. One is in the third and fourth dimension and the other is fifth-dimension. These two frequencies of DNA are intertwined, but your third dimensional machines can only view the 3D strands DNA.

You, our Volunteers, will be among the initial holders of these new energy fields because you have already spent your entire life holding two different frequencies of DNA. The component of your DNA that will contain this energy is what has been called “Junk DNA.” This DNA, erroneously labeled as junk, is actually 97% of your DNA, which contains small, Multidimensional wormholes that are the foundation of your Lightbody.

It is through these wormholes that you will integrate the energy field of the Eclipse, as well as all the other marvelous energies stored in your Multidimensional Mind. When you are ready, you will slowly release your fifth dimensional essence into your 3D brain, and then into your 3D body via the “wormholes” of your Junk DNA.

Question: Is it true that our process begins when we merge our thoughts and emotions to create thoughtforms of Ascension?

Arcturians: Yes, Because of the transmutational energy fields you are moving into your fifth-dimensional consciousness. Then your fifth-dimensional consciousness will greatly accelerate your powers of manifestation. However, you will need to BE the master of your thoughts and emotions because “What you think about, you will bring about.”

Also, when you couple your thoughts with your emotions, you create thoughtforms that precede you through your life. In this manner you can remember how to be the Creator of your own life. Do you remember how often your fell when your learned to walk or how difficult it was to learn to talk? In a manner, you are going through that same process NOW.

You are remembering how to walk into and communicate with a higher frequency of reality that you have largely forgotten. Therefore, you will likely become confused or doubt yourself, which is when you call in Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire.

The Unconditional Love will allow you to “make mistakes” without any judgment, and the Violet Fire will aid you with your transmutation back to your true Lightbody. Many of our dear Volunteers to Ascending Earth are remembering that time is an illusion and that living in the NOW greatly assists their conscious reconnection with their true, Multidimensional SELF in the higher frequencies of reality.

Blessings Dear Ascending ONES

The Arcturians

The Arcturians – Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. March 3, 2015.

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March – 2015

March Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada


Adama 72 dpi





I Am Adama, your brother forever


The month of March means the arrival of spring. This new cycle starts with an explosion of nature all around you. The birds sings, the trees adorn themselves with their beautiful green foliage; life manifests itself with its colors, its light, its softness after the long winter. It is a rebirth.
Dear children of the Light, know that this cycle does not exist only outside of you. Everything is connected and you are an integral part of this rebirth. This year, associate yourself with this great movement surrounding you. See yourself as a plant or a tree awakening with this life energy. Every morning, during this resurrection period, take the time to feel the spring energy flowing into your feet, your chakras, your skin, in all that you are. Feel that this intelligent energy is nourishing you from within. Feel that the divinity in you perceives and welcomes this energy. You do not know the project details but for the first time in your multiple lives, you choose to take advantage of the intelligence and wisdom of the Great Life. You choose to trust it and finally let it support your awakening.
You are not separated from the great resurrection movement of nature, my dear children. Until now, you have always been satisfied to admire the power and the strength of nature around you. Today I invite you to see and feel that you are part of this movement. You’re not separated from it. You can associate yourself with that power and use it for your own transformation.
I invite you to think, believe and feel that everything is interconnected, that this very powerful nature is at your service just as it is at the service of all living beings in this dimension. Say yes to the reunion of the hearts, of your heart with the great life movement. Stop seeing nature as a space outside yourself from which you are separated. You are the nature, you are part of it. I invite you to accept this concept and finally enjoy the magic and the love from this nature.
Nature invites you, in fact she implores you, with love and infinite tenderness, to welcome her in your hearts, in your life. United in this movement, everything becomes possible for you.


I Am Adama, conscious of the eternal spring


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Message from the Pegasians

Awaken Loves Focus Within, The Pegasians


Channeled by Ray Dawn of Mount Shasta
shared from her blog page



Hello to you, we greet you in kind in the kindest of ways we meet you.. We greet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words we speak to you of..

Love, awareness and awakening heart codes. This time dear ones each of you are awakening further your own codes of love within.. By this we mean your own awareness and relationship to love of all levels is deepening at this time!

It is so as each of you have been calling forth your own awareness of love within.. You are aligning to your own hearts wishes and the discovery of how you relate to love and your deepest feelings of what love truly is upon this earth and within each of your hearts..

To allow the furthering of your hearts unfolding is at hand! How can one come into deeper awareness and allowance of this love?

Dear ones each of you is coded with the ability to rise and open to the occasion of love’s remembrance… this true unfolding must take place within you.. This is the task at hand.. For each of you are in a way reorganizing your own abilities to allow love in and to open to give love forth into your world..

Many have felt unloved by others, family and the outer world.. Yes and so many are afraid to truly open the heart.. As it feels that if one did you might get hurt again as you have before here and in other lifetimes..

The challenge at this time is to increase your abilities to trust that it is safe to allow love’s entrance.. This must be an inner decision to trust again that you are this love.. The way thru this is to open your own heart to you! Yes, this is why there is so much talk of ‘self love’ at this time.. For as long as you hold that door to love closed, waiting for the other to open it.. It can seem like you are waiting forever!

Many have felt that love will not be there from others so what is the point?

This experience here upon planet earth is unique in how separated from love and your eternal nature it can feel, and how deep it feels one can be caught in the forgetting..

The way to overcome this is to allow your own frequency and relationship and harmony with all levels of your own being.. It is time to turn deeper within yourself and to ask yourself these questions: Do I honor my own self? My own feelings and nature? Do I feel it is not safe to love? Am I afraid of this love that I am?

As you build a better relationship with your own nature one can begin to see that you hold all the cards in your own unfolding to your relationship to love.. Can you make new choices? Yes, of course, but one must be willing to allow the feelings of surrender, opening, allowing and forgiveness..

Sometimes when you choose to be silent and connect to your self in your heart, one can feel grief or unsettled or lonely, this comes up as these feelings must be addressed, allowed and understood by you so as they can be released as misguided belief systems..

As each of you are allowing your own relationship to love you can begin to see how maybe you haven’t loved and honored your deep self.. How can one seek the occurrence of love externally and always seeking more and more and yet you are wishing the other would give you what you want like a child and yet you may not be able to give those things to yourself? You can give to yourself by allowing a better mental self image..

Dear ones comparisons and fear and unlove can cloud your own vision to who you are!

At this time it is vital to allow a new occurrence and foundation of stability to love within your own self.. This will lead to better external experiences..

As long as you feel a victim to love, then there is no room for new experiences and growth and opening to heart awakenings..

So to allow your own feelings, nature and knowledge is the best way thru..

Allow time to connect with your dreams, wishes, and feelings and honor yourself as a creator!

No thing can be done to you, if you are not in alignment with it.. Know that in your childhood or in other lifetimes you may have experienced much pain and suffering regarding relationships with love.. This, at this time is healing within each of you.. There is an ability to open forth to new horizons, new abilities and new experiences of the awakened heart!

As each of you do your part in ownership of your experiences, claim that you are indeed a powerful being who can align with your magnificence, gifts and abilities and open heart flow at any time- in any moment of your choosing! What is important is to make the choice within you to allow yourself to open forth to new ways of being.. All of you at this time are being asked to make room, to let go and to open to new ways of being and to a new relationship to love and partnership!

Honor you, allow your heart to open and be fearless in letting go of the old ways of seeing yourself and others in relationship!

Know that each of you is supported lovingly and unconditionally..

Each of you are powerful creators, make the commitment to see with new eyes and to open your heart in new ways.. Know that the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation you create to match with others.. If the return you are getting is not to your likening, be open to allow new information.. Understand that it may be a belief you are holding about lack of love within..

As you forgive yourself for not knowing the answers you can let go more in your heart! As you forgive and send love to yourself you match the love of all that is! Know that what you seek is seeking you dear ones, but make room!

Let go of the old and allow new ways of healing, and honoring and loving. Allow new ways of seeing and thinking and allowing.. Be free to let go and come home to your true self! In this process you will again come awake throughout the universe and can begin to see and know who you really are and how powerful each of you truly is..

To take the time to really become your own best friend and lover, yes! As you do the symbiosis is palatable.. You will feel refreshed and more connected and open to new discoveries of who you are and what is truly possible within the forms you are in!

Be open to this new occurrence of love and be free to explore it deeply within you!

We speak to you of the heart space and in this frequency you are home and can truly know who you are and create this deeper more freeing and uplifting relationship with you! And dear ones you can take that wherever you may travel!! Home is where your heart is open and that can be within your own being!!

Be easy as you let go and come home to love! Awaken here and express this eternal love with all that you are in your human form as well! Enjoy this new experience of love and put forth a new commitment to your own harmony and wellbeing! You are one with all and in that deeply loved and honored for your being and expression!

We thank each of you for your service to the one, to all that is. Allow more soft focus and harmony within, see you thru eyes of love and awaken the universal consciousness here within your beautiful heart and let it shine forth throughout this sphere and dear ones love is contagious when it is in it’s true and pure frequency!

We honor and love you, your friends the Pegasians..

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February – 2015

February Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada


Adama 72 dpiI Am Adama, the one who observes:

I invite you dear children to become observers, to become conscious observers of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your words. I invite you to the greatest adventure of your life without you realizing it fully. Being an observer means to be the one who watches and sees. You may say that it is an almost impossible task. I promise you that it is possible and easy. Just take it as a game and, to make it more interesting, just make the rules yourself. Here is an example of a rule: this morning, during the work group meeting, I will watch my inner language; when riding the bus today, I will examine the thoughts running through my mind. You see, it is to downplay the drama and to just have fun: the fun to discover yourself, the fun to discover your behavior throughout the day. I invite you to see all this as a self-discovery exercise, as a great game that will take you, little by little, one small step at a time, towards the discovery of yourself, of these energies or consciousness that inhabit and manipulate you. We are talking about manipulation, manipulation on your part against yourself, manipulation by your mind against your heart, against this Being that you really are inside.

My dear children, the first step towards your true freedom is the step you take in daring to stop and daring to listen, feeling all that you impose to yourself that does not come from you, from your true, kind and loving Being, who is not even allowed to have its own thoughts. Your true nature is love, respect and sharing. Are these the values your thoughts, your actions and your words convey all the time?

My dear children, do you realize how you are living under the influence of beliefs and limitations imposed by the 3D and by the density? The first step to take in order to move towards the consciousness of the new Earth is to learn living your life according to the core beliefs of your heart.

Who are you, who are you really? Do you know? If you wish to answer this question, you simply have to choose living your life according to your heart, according to what you feel is true and important to you.

Dear Children of the Earth, I invite you to the greatest adventure of your life. It begins softly, discreetly, one thought at a time, one emotion at a time. With love, we support you by enveloping you with the energy of our liberated hearts. 

I Am Adama, the eternal observer –

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Telos-USA Winter Solstice Newsletter

PLEASE NOTE: TELOS-USA Members: The Discount for the Journeys in Mount Shasta is $75,and has been corrected in the Telos-USA newsletter below.

Telos-USA pic-studygroupannounce.

Winter Solstice Newsletter from Telos-USA

Hello, Hello!

It’s so nice to be in conversation with Friends of Telos.  As we look around our 3rd dimensional Earth we remember what we have read about life in Telos from The Telos Book Series by Aurelia Louise Jones: children cared for, animals free and loved, crystal homes, peace.

The Telosians will soon be coming up to help us. We are clearing so much of our human karma as shown by the fact that so much is coming to light! We are beginning to see what has been hidden and, as they say, you can’t fix what you don’t see. Children are being rescued, politician’s private lives are being revealed, and motives are becoming known. We need to be clear about what is really going on so we can target the areas that need work. It will take time, but the light is shining brighter every day!

Staying in the Lemurian energy will help all of us move closer to the day that our Telosian friends can come up and shake our hands. A $25 donation to Telos-USA will allow you to receive a 20% discount on The Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames with companion booklets, The Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames and The Ascension Flame of Purification and Inmortality and the TELOS~Temple Journey Meditations.  A $25 donation also allows for a $75 Discount in the Initiatic Journeys in Mount Shasta. Taking Initiatic Journeys and reading The Telos Book Series helps us to stay in the Lemurian energy. Please go to Telos-USA and click Donate.

Do not forget Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies. Check our website under Contacts to find a Study Group near you, or start your own. We have information to help you begin. E-mail and we will be delighted to send you guidelines. The Study Groups help you stay connected, and the Ascension Ceremonies help to elevate your consciousness so you can meet the Lemurians face-to-face.

To all of you that are creating study groups and ascension ceremonies remember study group leaders receive a 20% discount on The Telos Book Series, The Seven Sacred Flames and the Prayer Booklet and the Ascension Booklet, by Aurelia Louise Jones. Orders must be placed by phone or email to Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 530-926-4599 or If you are interested in listing with
Study Groups/Ascension Ceremonies on Telos-USA website contact

Also, there is a weekly Telos Teleconference call on Saturdays. Our website has the times and the Teleconference call number. Each week Adama, Aurelia, Ahnahmar, the Elders of Telos, the Chohans of the seven rays, Angelic realm, Emissaries of Light, and Ancient ones of the Mu ship offer their guidance through the offering of tools, allowing the heart to bring forth the vibration of Love to all.

We are working not only to make our website useful to you, but to make it a source of inspiration. There are channelings to read, books and CDs to buy, and information on Mt. Shasta, Telos, and Lemuria.

So happy to be able to have this opportunity to commune with Friends of Telos!

Have a blessed holiday,
The Board of Telos-USA

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Greetings and Welcome to TELOS-USA

Greetings and Welcome to TELOS-USA

Master Kuthumi Spring Equinox Message

Message from Kuthumi

Channeled by Saryon

As you breathe, allow your hearts to expand into the presence of the Ascended Masters. The field of Our Love and our expanded Collective Heart is upon you and is facing yours to create a pathway for that opening within you.

I am the Ascended Master Kuthumi, and I am here today to welcome you into the field of your new potential once again. We (Kuthumi and Saint Germain) are coming to add new layers of energy into the human resonance field that can support the field of your new potential to arrive and anchor. It is like creating a fertile ground for new seedlings to sprout and take root, and begin to grow in the light that is dawning.

The Ascension Flame has a unique directive that is coming to bear within humanity. It is calling forth the light from within you.   It is calling YOU forth, to throw off the fears and doubts about shining in your fullness.

The new paradigm is arriving as a new platform for cocreation. You are not simply awakening within the old matrix where there is nothing but resistance around you to this new light. You are rising above that old matrix altogether, being plucked from it, and opening into the resonance of a new world that is crystalizing before your very eyes.

You will begin to see this new world all around you as it is being created from within you, and from within the collective of light bearing energies that you are a part of. You will see it around you, even as others are still playing out their dreams and nightmares of resistance and suffering in the old world. You will understand their suffering and their illusions because you emerged from that same world.   READ MORE

Message from Adama 12/21/14
By Channel Denise Laberge of Telos World Wide Foundation


I Am Adama your brother in the Light,

I invite you to open your heart to the energies to the last month of the year, 2014. Without your knowing, big events are being prepared for humanity and for this planet. The whole universe is participating in the project Ascension Earth. This small planet is important in the Grand Plan, and so are each one of you. You are the starting point of this fabulous adventure.

This heart in you, is alive, my dear children. The heart knows all about you. This heart is connected with life itself. Today, despite everything that is happening on earth, around the earth, in this solar system and beyond, I want to take you back to basics: that heart in you. This heart awaits you with patience and infinite love. It has much to say, and whisper to you. It wants to talk to you about vastness, freedom and expansion. It wants to share with you the essence, and the Light that inhabits it.

In the Catholic Church, during this season of the year, you are taking out the crib out of your attics, the crib where the infant Jesus resides. I, Adama, invite you today to take out that crib and place it in your heart. Consciously, create a permanent place in your heart for the living Christ who comes to each of you. I invite you to start your day by uniting with the spark of eternal Life that lives in your heart. Awaken your awareness to the grandeur and majesty that resides in you and who you are.

 Christmas, my dear children, is not just a season in your year. Each new day is a Christmas day, and is an opportunity to enjoy the life that you use, and of which you are part. Each day can be viewed with a heart that spreads magic and beauty. You are the living nativity that carries the Light and Love of Christ. Be conscious of this. Develop this consciousness each day and feel it alive in you. Open to the magic and to the power of Life.

It is this kind of look at yourself that, we at Telos, want for you on this special season for your children’s hearts. Join us to celebrate the New Earth that is now preparing itself in your heart.

I Am Adama, the one who is pleased to accompany you on the path to Joy.



 The December Solstice

by Patricia Cota-Robles

December 3, 2014


In January 2014, the Company of Heaven told us that this would be a year like no other. From the miraculous events that have taken place so far in 2014, I think that information has proven to be a monumental understatement.

The details of these events have been carefully documented and shared on a monthly basis through our FREE Era of Peace monthly email newsletter. If you missed any of these articles and would like to read them, or you would like to sign up to receive our free monthly newsletter, you may do so on our website The previous newsletters for 2014 are all posted in the article/archive section of our website.

 The December Solstice this year will be a Cosmic Moment when the Company of Heaven and Awakening Humanity will be given the opportunity to exponentially expand the Activities of Light that were God Victoriously Accomplished in 2014. Together we will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into higher frequencies of energy, vibration, and consciousness than we have ever experienced. This will establish a Global foundation of Divine Love that will birth 2015 into the Divine Potential of moving forward in the Light by leaps and bounds.

Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, the influx of Light that will bathe the Planet during the Solstice on December 20-21, 2014, is destined to greatly accelerate our Ascension process and assist in raising the consciousness of even the most recalcitrant souls on Earth into newly activated levels of Christ Consciousness. 

Each person’s I AM Presence is guiding him or her perfectly during this wondrous season. If we listen to our Heart and respond accordingly, we will each be in our right and perfect place, participating in the right and perfect way, for this Cosmic Opportunity. KNOW that YOUR Light and Love are needed NOW!



Brilliant Multidimensional Intensity

By Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I continue to be amazed by what is happening right now to our consciousness. Personally, it has been absolutely fascinating to experience the multidimensional merge so strongly. My days are a balance of delving into these experiences, along with a great amount of technical and creative work (and the litany of tech glitches as the magnetics of old realities shift to accommodate Zero Point reality. Really keeps us in the moment, does it not?) I AM sure many Wayshowers are performing the balancing act, and getting accustomed to the New Light flow.

As the intensity of our experiences, both physical and non-physical, compliments the approaching wave of New Light, we pull back and gain perspective on how this is occurring. First, a brief summary of the sequence of major events which unfolded in 2014. After, a look at the DNA drop, a message from the Divine Team, and sharing of some interesting personal experiences.

The Brilliance of 2014

We had many interesting events unfold in 2014, which support this Now moment and the possibilities therein.

The Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways March – April 2014: The first Gateway brought in the most powerful Return of the Christ energetics and activations the planet had seen to date. It also brought certain timelines, events, and galactic history to a close. Completion. You may remember the article on the dissolvement of the Maya structures; the framework for the illusion imposed from the Pleiades, designed to resolve millions of years of Galactic karma. As the Maya (named after Maia, a star in the Pleiades) ran its course, it closed the book on many an akashic tale. This left us open to engage with higher Christed timelines of Ascension.

May 2014: Many Wayshowers received a deep recalibration to prepare for the accelerated Ascension timelines. While it may have felt very physical, the aim was expansion of consciousness. You may have felt all of the old timelines, galactic karma, connections to star family lineage, or any of the stories of the past disappear from your personal emotional, mental, and egoic structures. This recalibration prepared us for a series of personal revelation gateways.

June through September 2014: A series of powerful personal revelation gateways unfolded as Gaia and HUmans merged into a higher reality. HUmans who had been working on the merge of Higher and Lower Self suddenly began to experience the unity of their Divine aspects, and a more acute perception of that union. We experienced a seamless merge of dimensions – the beginning of our true mulitdimensional perception in the body (as opposed to astral tripping). This allowed for a realignment with the True Self, and getting to know the true Higher Self. We also began to get familiar with the disorientation of having anything to set our compass on.

Because we moved into an accelerated future path, the past was rewritten behind us with a clarity and ease (and downright forgetfulness) of what had occurred. The memory of it may still be recalled, but you will notice that the emotional attachment is gone. This is a side-effect of not only being in the now, and allowing the personal akasha to catch up to the truth, but it also opens us up to a much grander future possibility.

September through October 2014: The second of the Equinox through Blood Moon Gateways brought an intensifying of the return of the Christ energies which are aimed specifically at expansion, expansion, expansion. Expansion of the consciousness has a direct effect on the body vehicle as it attempts to keep up with the demands of a higher vibration. This is the balancing act of the Shift itself; the body continually adjusting to the demands of the subconscious, the conscious, and the energies flowing into and out of Gaia.

October 2014: The entire collective shifts to an accelerated Ascension timeline during a weekend of powerful flare activation from the SUN. Our solar light is directly connected to our experience of time. Working in conjunction with Gatekeepers and benevolent Galactic forces, we were able to answer the requests of the high-vibe collective and shift into an accelerated Ascension experience. A faster process, in the highest interests of all concerned.

November 2014: The  Higher vibration sends the ascending collective into meridian readjustments, nervous system recalibrations, and heart center expansion in order to keep up with the accelerated timeline. It is ironic how awakening requires so much sleep.

December 2014: The merge of grounded Earth grid systems, crystalline grid and 5D/6D grid systems of New Earth begins. This sets the stage for DNA drops, a stronger multidimensional experience, pineal activation, and an expansion of simultaneous dimensions. It accelerates the activation of a greater brain capacity.

Flying into the Now

Our next to Gateway, December 25 – 29, brings a more intense experience of Divine Love and a Golden Race DNA drop, which continues through 2015.  This delivers the codes which were anchored into the Crystalline grid on the 12-12-12.  This is why we had a merging of the grid systems, to make those Golden Race codes available to all of HUmanity.  If you were one of the code-catchers on the 12-12-12, you understand how powerful those light sequences are.

If you are available during the holiday and choose to assist with this gateway, understand that we are holding a harmonious, balanced support as these pure source light frequencies penetrate the planet.  Balance, peace, integrity, harmony. Gentle balancing as the magnetic grid gets hit with New Light.

These light frequencies will enable prepared vessels to awaken high quality DNA within them, and bi-locate new strands of DNA into the cellular structure. (See my video from 2013 on Source DNA.) DNA serves as a multidimensional hologram for the experience in form. We use it up to the eighth dimensional level. Ninth dimensional structures tend to abandon the use of form, where consciousness becomes very unified.

Unified or Collective DNA is a magnificent multidimensional geometry which holds unity consciousness up to 12D. As a Divine HUman in-carnate, we will eventually be capable of holding a 12 strand helix DNA structure within a 5D/6D form. Each strand will reconnect to a dimensional level. At that point, it is not your DNA and My DNA, it is our Unified DNA. It is not something that a 3D microscope will ever be able to examine. Only the effect on the physical body can be measured right now in the multitude of Ascension side-effects.

2015: Transformation of the Wayshowers

We have two powerful transformation gateways occurring in the last two Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways of 2015; the first in March, the second in September. These gateways get shorter, smaller, more focused. They act like a sieve for energies and target those who will be embodying higher dimensional consciousness, the Higher Self, the Christed Self right in front of the collective.

If it is your desire to make this embodiment physical, to be a true Wayshower and demonstrate the New ahead of the crowd, then your focus will grow more precise in 2015. You may already feel it.

The Councils which I AM involved with, which include Masters, Brotherhoods of Light and Galactics (they tend to swap out positions at the holographic table), understand that not all body vehicles will be able to endure this process.

Feel this message beloveds:

Stay focused on the Ascension as you move through these intense photonic waves of light. Know that your participation will become more acute as you move through these energies. It may become difficult to do anything else, and we honor your dedication. Understand that the little things which distract or prevent you from engaging in linear activities are merely adjustments to the Now possibilities. They may test your resolve as they manifest your highest predesigned possibilities in the Now. Events, glitches and distractions are forcing you into conscious participation in the moment with the New Light, the True Self in the new moment.

Even if the body vehicle cannot withstand the New Light, know that if you have performed your service with a pure open heart, and transmuted all constructs of fear, that your service is honored in your mission is complete. Some of you will choose to return further into the Shift with a more resilient crystalline form. For those who do not resonate with becoming part of a Golden Race upon Gaia, your journeys here will be complete. 

Many of you will be merging with the consciousness of other races, higher-dimensional beings, and higher levels of your True Self, in brief passages of telepathic communion during this phase. It may feel extremely peaceful, because it holds the pure energy of your True Self to communicate in this way and learn in this way. The more comfortable you can be with merging consciousness in order to exchange information and pure light consciousness, the faster you will transcend the old dynamics of separation.

Recent Experiences

Awareness of many dimensions in the Now moment. As our brain capacity increases and this beautiful golden-crystalline-diamond DNA comes online, we are capable of experiencing many dimensions simultaneously. If you practice this, you will notice your ability to hold simultaneous multidimensional awareness grows longer and clearer. The more DNA strands you have flickering on and the more your pineal activates, the more access you have to the simultaneous experience of Zero Point or Unity consciousness. It also causes an increase in light flashes and bright pinpoints of light in your energy fields as the piezoelectric activity of the pineal increases, and portions of the brain reactivate.

New races. I have noted interaction with many different races; races I do not recognize at first. My colleagues have introduced me to beings I used to know, asking me, Do you recognize who this is? Gosh I stare wide-eyed at many higher-dimensional beings lately. Apologies, beloveds! While it is difficult to be the one awakening from this long amnesia, I do feel a great amount of support and patience on the other side of the veil. I love you, I bless you, I thank you.

Ocean Lightship Visits. I experienced the lightships under the Ocean last week. I found myself walking along a corridor next to the exterior, and I nearly broke focus when I realized I was breathing water, underwater. Since my experiences are quite lucid, I paused just before my grounded body panicked and calmly took a few deep inhales of clear, water-like substance. The walls of the ship were a transparent crystalline-light material, which had a luminescent glow. This was in the Pacific Ocean; we were working with the Pacific rim plates.

As many of you have heard, the Pacific rim plate system has been a concern for some time. Understanding that Gaia will expand to accommodate the new energy, you can see why so many of us are working on stabilizing magnetics to make this as easy of a transition as possible. That does not mean that we are preventing earthquakes or plate shifts, because those are a very natural side-effect of the collapse of the magnetosphere. They open up caverns where water may flow downward, preventing too much land mass loss from rising sea levels. Expansion occurs during every Shift/Jump time, and our dimensional shift provides additional factors to consider.

Regardless of the work designated to these underwater ships, the experience of peace, focus, and unity of service made me feel absolutely at home.

The Christmas Gateway

During our beloved Christmas gateway December 25 -29, we will receive a significant and sizeable wave of Light. Merry Christmas Presence! You may feel it approaching. (My parents and I were visiting via facetime this week, and they witnessed me pre-cog a Solar Flare, just moments before it unleashed. How beautiful to share that experience with them!)

We have shifted to a new area of space, again, which includes the entire Galaxy as a unit. Our alignment with this higher Ascension timeline brings forth higher possibilities. Our mastery challenge includes precise choices, moment to moment. Embodying the crystalline consciousness is an intense process. It is not something which happens all at once, nor will it unfold for everyone holding form at this time. Gosh I wish it did, because it is such a powerful experience – perhaps the most powerful you can have in a body. This year taught me patience at a Master level, and compassion at a Source level. It is what it is, all is well.

As we go through the sieve of Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways next year, our untouchable aspects present. Untouchable at the level of your consciousness, not your body vehicle. While it would be nice to experience all of this grand expansion in an isolated environment (like the old Mystery schools), it is not the point. 2015 brings forth palpable, recognizable transformation of the grounded Self. Utilize cave-time when you need it; usually a day or an hour are just enough to rejuvenate and stabilize the body vehicle as your consciousness expands your energy fields.

Reach out to support and receive support from the HUman heart grid. The sensation of isolation is physical, connect through the heart to feel true unity consciousness.

DNA preparation

For many of you, your choice to engage in the Ascension process included a great deal of cleansing and clearing metals, toxins, parasites, karma, negative thoughts, subconscious emotion, ego, mental and emotional constructs so that the cells would be ready for these intense energies. The cleansing and clearing of the cells – a structure which is supposed to last for hundreds of years – becomes vital to supporting DNA activation.

Out of the trillions of cells in your body, not every cell will have to be clear and ready to take on new strands of DNA. This is a good thing as our current environment does not support a 100% clear cellular structure. When the new strands are taken in, or the dormant Golden Race DNA within your cells activate, they will replicate into neighboring cells as the energies increase and the collective consciousness expands upon this planet. 50% preparation, 50% Divine timing.

Pace yourself and know it is not a competition. There is no judgment upon whether you can handle it or whether it destroys the body vehicle. I know all of this may sound technical, and that is part of my role, however the point is participation. The point was to transcend density by experiencing Divine Love in all of its many expressions. Approach all of this activity with a pure heart and the pure intention to serve pure Source Light Intelligence and the objectives of your True Presence.

A Blessing of Grace

Let us all send the highest quality light waves of harmony, peace, balance, Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Ascension through every particle of this planet, the kingdoms, the elementals and Beloved HUmanity during this beautiful passage. Blessings upon all of us in service to the Ascension of consciousness!

In Love, Light and Service,


October Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge of Montreal
Telos-World Wide Foundation


Children of the Earth, of this dimension, of the eternal Light, I am your brother Adama. You know my name and my heart because in this universe, we all belong to the One Heart. I invite you to go into this Heart of yours, to feel its beat, to feel the life that is running through you. This Heart inside you my friends, knows you intimately. It carries the signature of all your experiences, all your identities and all your dreams. So I, your brother standing before you, ask you this question: “Do you know why you have incarnated in this life? Do you really know it? Are you really living it?” A heart living its passion is joyful and it spreads enthusiasm and life all around. I will ask you another question: “Do you feel this joyful heart inside you, do you feel that you are spreading waves of love from this joy living inside you?” If your answer is yes to these questions then you are already living your passion, you are letting the inner voice and the song in your Heart guide you through life. You are realizing the purpose of your life. You are living it because you feel within you what you have to do, what brings you joy.
However, you may ask yourself the question: “Am I really living this passion, is this joy alive in me?” and perhaps you do not know yet. Do you realize that 99.9% of humanity does not live its passion? Most humans live by the popular beliefs of the third dimension, beliefs that have been implanted in this dimension by force, manipulation and control. And you, who are you? You are the gems, the diamonds that came to shine the Light of your heart in this density. Are you really doing this my children? That is the question!

So I ask you: are you ready to learn to live according to your Heart, to listen to the sound of your inner voice, to your intuition? Are you ready to admit that you are the absolute master of your life and that you alone hold the key to your true life, the one that allows you to explore the great joy of your heart? For most of you now, these are just words.

As of now, I invite you to welcome the Resurrection Light which is searching for kind hearts, which is looking for a nest of love and hospitality in the heart of man. The Resurrection energies are presently pouring on all mankind, on the whole planet, not only on the human race but also on all the kingdoms that inhabit this Earth.

Are you ready to learn to live differently, to live according to what you feel inside of you and not by the cultural norm to which you belong, not by the collective consciousness standard? We need pure and brave hearts who remember that life is easy, that it can be magical, that it is perfection in itself and that you belong to that perfection. We are looking for brave hearts who are not afraid to live differently, to live against the grain of popular belief. We are looking for brave hearts who are not afraid to show their colour, the colour of the love that lives within them. We are looking for your Hearts my dear children. Do you accept and welcome this new energy that is coming towards you? Do you consider yourself as the Sacred Cup ready to receive the Resurrection energy? Do you consider yourself worthy of this honour, worthy of the great life that comes to resurrect you?

I invite you to answer YES to these questions because you are worthy, the great life already exists within you and you are the tool for the resurrection of Consciousness in this world. You are all of this, each of you, in your own special way. You only have to welcome it, to accept it deep within yourself. Every time you say yes to this invitation, every time you acknowledge yourself to be of the Light lineage; you allow this light to grow in you, to participate in your transformation from the inside. It’s so simple and yet it requires courage and determination. It requires trust in the great plan. It requires acceptance that it is the great consciousness that lives within you and uses each of you to bring more love into this dimension, each in your own way with everything that you are. It’s all about consciousness my children, understanding, wider perspective, acceptance; saying yes to the miracle, the unlimited, the freedom, the infinite. All this is possible for each of you in this life, now, with all that you are now.

Listen! Listen to this Heart inside you! Everything becomes easy when it is done from the Heart, from the love within you. Nobody asks you to reinvent the wheel. The only thing you need to reinvent is yourself, the way you look at yourself and live; to reinvent your life so that you associate yourself with the power and the force of the great Life in action on this Earth now.

Every time you take a step toward yourself, toward your Heart, you shake all humanity; all the hearts of humanity feel it. This Heart inside you is the unfolding of the consciousness One, the Source within you. Will you dare accept it and believe it? That is the question of the moment. Do you really accept it in your heart? I invite you to appreciate this consciousness, this life within you because it is the Consciousness, the Great Life One of all creation. Nothing can separate you from that consciousness. Nothing can separate you from the Great Life. You are part of it. So the more you welcome this truth in yourself, the more it will grow in you and the more you will marvel at the magic of this power living inside you.

This is my invitation to you. I invite you to walk toward yourself, to grow with yourself, to feel the magic of this dimension because it is really transforming itself thanks to your work and the work of millions of others on Earth.

I encourage you to install the energies of the 5th dimension in your house, your apartment, your office. I invite you to create a paradise of Light and Love wherever you are, wherever you work. I invite you to create a new world with all the beings of the dimensions of Light who accompany you. With these words, breathe the energies of the 5th dimension, breathe the energies of your transformation, breathe the energies of eternity that touch your heart and your consciousness.

I am Adama, the one who dared to speak to your Heart in order to open its great door of enlightenment.




Greetings fellow Lemurians. As we move into the last quarter of 2014 we would like to offer a little review of where we have been as an organization and as the humanity we all are during these auspicious and changing times. We would like to address the challenges some of us face as Lightworkers (or Lightbearers) and our options of being of service at this time. Relative to this topic, we would like to share a message from Master Hilarion brought through by Marlene Swetlishoff as well as another pertinent message from Beloved Adama brought through channel Denise LaBerge of Telos Worldwide Foundation who was the channel for the Initiatic Journeys offered this summer by the Lemurian Connection . Adama’s message came through during the day many of us recall who have attended these events when we’ve gone to McCloud falls and enjoyed the magical company of the children of Telos who are given permission (with adult supervision) to interact with us as we receive messages from Telos, enjoy a picnic lunch and then journey from the upper falls, past middle falls (enjoyed by swimmers who like cold water), and on down to the lower falls. We share this for context as Adama is addressing the last Initiatic Journey group to visit the falls for the summer.

A Lemurian Gathering Event (7-19-14). This was a first time event for Telos-USA and it will likely become an annual event. We wanted to create an opportunity for those of us who have connections with Lemuria and Telos to come together as a focus of energy, as family, and as friends to honor our Lemurian roots and the reawakening of our Lemurian hearts. Many participants of the day-long event had experienced an Initiatic Journey or read the Telos books. It was appropriate for the event to be held in Mt. Shasta in as much as some million and half Telosians live inside the mountain and are already living the 5th Dimensional reality that awaits those of us willing to stay the course of our spiritual evolution and freedom through our Resurrection and our Ascension.   The channel for the messages that came through that day was Saryon Michael White. (Click on Saryon’s name to listen to the message)

The challenge for Lightworkers. Every day we are bombarded by the media with one global atrocity, disaster, or spreading disease after another. No wonder it is difficult to remain grounded and centered in our spirituality in the face of such turmoil in the world. Nevertheless, we must do what we can to prevent our love and light from being diminished by the human habits of judgment, condemnation, hatred, revenge, and hopelessness. The messages from Hilarion and Adama inspire us to see the beauty, the magic and goodness that abounds in our lives and world and focus on images of what we want our world to look like in the future. Sending love and compassion out to the world can make a difference.

Despite the destructive energy playing out in the world, it is reassuring to know that because of our calls for help and intervention from the Ascended Masters, Angelic Host, and our space brothers and sisters, such assistance and intervention has been granted and is continually expanding. Because we have free will, there could be no intervention unless we asked for it. We are told that many of the plans of the sinister force have been foiled and will continue to be sabotaged because their plans are all known in the higher realms. Even much of the danger posed by the nuclear power plant in Japan has been ameliorated by intervention. It is important for us to continue to make the calls to the Ascended Realm and direct the Sacred Flames to all the hot spots in the world.


Hilarion’s Message of 9/21/14

Beloved Ones, Those who are able to move beyond the current distractions come together in focus for a world of peace. This energy is being magnified and multiplied by the higher dimensions, for as given before, wherever two or more are gathered there also is the Christ consciousness. The forces of light and love take great delight in joining with the individuals who take part in a worldwide focus to bring in the highest outcome for the Earth and all of humanity. By the effort of these combined forces of light, many positive and benevolent changes take place in the world. It is a sacred and holy work that is performed with love and reverence by those who heed the call. Lighted souls the world over turn within to offer their deepest and most heartfelt desire to the Creator of All That Is in faith and trust and a deep understanding that they are each a divine spark of the divine manifesting upon the Earth.

They turn then to contemplate the beauty of the world around them and celebrate the wonders of nature, the incredible sunrise and sunset, the myriads of tiny creatures that surround them, each unique and incredible in their exquisite detail. They drink in the colors of the flowers and notice how each petal seems to radiate light from within. They connect to the trees and listen to their timeless messages of fellowship, nurturance and support. They begin to realize that life thrives on their planet and it is all connected to All That Is and that they also are an innate part of it. They sense that each moment they spend contemplating and admiring the wonders of the world they live on is an endorsement and an acknowledgment of gratitude for the abundance that was created for their enjoyment. It is in this way, they realize the universe responds by bringing them more of that which fills their hearts with joy.

Peace in the world is created one consciousness at a time and when this consciousness within each person understands that by giving homage to all that is good in their lives, even if that does not seem much to other eyes, it keeps the flow of grace, benevolence and positive energy as a constant underlying force at work in their lives. The door to higher consciousness, to ascension, lies in the constant and continual feeling of sublime states of joy, bliss and gratitude. Practicing and feeling these states connects people to the higher realms of perception and the more these higher realms are realized within, going back to the old ways cannot even be contemplated.

The task then is to strive to achieve these states of being and feeling. To learn to recognize old thoughts that rise up seemingly out of nowhere, to observe oneself having these thoughts rise up, and to see that it is old energy no longer of use in one’s life and to just let it go without engaging that old energy by attaching it to something current in one’s life. To quickly replace that old thought with an empowering new one. As this is practiced, it becomes easier and easier to stay in the sublime states of joy and bliss which automatically generates feelings of gratitude. The more people that begin to embody these states of being, the more the world and the people around them respond to them with corresponding benevolent energy. When each person begins to honor their sister and their brother as they honor themselves, peace is a natural and graceful outcome.

It is those whose hearts that are peaceful in the face of the greatest challenges who create a better world for themselves and for others. It is those who understand that by letting go of resentment, anger and the need for revenge are those who uphold and uplift everyone and everything within their entire sphere of influence. You have but to look at history on your world to recognize those brilliant shining lights, those people who stood in their light, in their continued faith and belief in upholding the divine concepts of peace, forgiveness and unity with the utmost courage and persistence in the face of danger and to understand that you too, can be one of them. Stand strong and firm in the oneness of the divine and all will be well.

I AM Hilarion

©2009-2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.


Adama’s Message of 8-7-14   Click Below to listen to the message.


Telos Study Groups Update. Anyone interested in joining a Telos study group in Bellevue, Washington may want to contact James McManus, PhD who is a study group leader there. His group works with the three Telos books and the Seven Sacred Flames book. He also joins the Saturday morning calls offered by Marie Phillips (Michigan) and Sue Parry (Wales). Contact James at or 426-765-5276 for more information.

For those living in the South San Francisco Bay area, Kathleen Fitts has an ongoing study group that meets on Sunday afternoons in Los Gatos. For more information and directions to her home, you can contact Kathleen at 408-502-4766 or e-mail at

Anyone interested in starting a new study group feel free to contact us for support and the listing of your group on our Telos-USA website. Our study group co-coordinator is Anthony Senn who lives in Claremont, CA. He can be reached at 909-593-5434 or by e-mail at

Anthony Wojnar, a study group leader in Mountain Top, PA will be offering a Seven Sacred Flames Reiki Retreat in Mount Shasta from May 17th to May 23. Seven Sacred Flames Reiki is a high frequency spiritual practice for Self Realization, to balance and activate the flames with the Chakras, and promote healing on many levels. For more information, Dr. Anthony “Adama” Wojnar DD., RMT can be contacted at 570-706-6680 or by e-mail at His website is

Until next time…

The Telos-USA Team



Summer Seed Awakening Solstice 2014

Channeled by Ray Dawn, Mount Shasta, CA


Master Hilarion-

Hello Dear Ones! It is I, Master Hilarion, here to speak to each of you at this important time upon your world.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere is the time of the Summer solstice. This is a time for beautification- of all that is- to burst forth with growth and with ripening energy. This energy is flowing forth within you in support of all that you are allowing within yourself and in your gifts that you bring forth into the world.

Dear ones, at this time of opportunity you are all receiving great support and energy from your rising sun. Your sun is bursting forth with energy and information in this time of allowing the synthesis of these encodements within you.

As a flower releases its fragrance and fruitfulness, it first receives light energy from the sun. The sun activates the flowers’ conversion of this energy to release the knowledge and blossoming that is already stored within.

This is the same for you! Each of you are flowers, bursting forth with the light, receiving the energy and information to let go into All that you are!

Relax and know that each of you have– already within you– ALL that you are! As you can truly trust this seed of life within you, propagating your inner awakening, you can let go of who you think you must be and simply relax and trust your unfoldment into all that you are. Home is within you, dear ones, as it always was and is now!

Allow within this your own wellbeing and truth; allow your own resonance with belonging and true love; the kind of love that is unconditional and caring of your very natures!

Rise up dear one, rise into the light and allow it to penetrate and awaken your seed codes! These codes are of the love principle. This is the cosmic connection you all have to everything! This love is within you, and is carried within all particles that are all around you as well..

As you allow your blossoming to unfold in this time new realizations and knowledge can take form within you, awakening the mind into a balance of light and dark, of pain and joy, of suffering and of enjoying life, So be it!

Awaken now from the slumber of death and destruction into allowing the cycle of life, and of this time to play out this awakening thru you. Let go of the ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and Be…

Be who you are and be full of the knowledge within you of this merging oneness with your own inner seed and it’s spark of knowledge within!

As this comes forth and rises to the surface within you will feel a deep relaxation into love and belonging… this love is filling each particle of your universe down to all the cells within you..

Enjoying life is the order of the day, for as you do you awaken that seed within you of heaven and allow the bridging of heaven and earth!

Be true to your own seed forms and what you bring to this cornucopia of love in this universe, allow the light to penetrate you and relax into all that you are!

We thank each of you for Being true to yourself and your self-awareness! As you continue to receive this energy you come home to love again, and what a celebration it is across the universe!

We are here eternally to offer guidance, love and support for each of you awakening to the greater light and love quotient!

Be easy and enjoy the journey home! In Love we are one!

Master Hilarion and the Masters of Love and Awareness and Truth…


Ray Dawn



2014 Spring Equinox Message from Adama

March , 2014
By Channel Denise Laberge, Telos World Wide Foundation, Montreal, Canada


Prepare Your Resurrection Temple


I am Adama, your brother.

As you know this planet has embarked into the greatest adventure of all its life. The

ascension of a planet is always a miracle of life expressing itself in a most powerful way.

The good news is that you are part of it. You are part of this miracle. Without you, this

could not happen. The human race is part of the planetary consciousness. You cannot

separate the child from his / her mother. The child bears the life of the mother and the

mother bears the life of the child.

Today, I Am inviting you to very seriously prepare your rebirth in consciousness. This is

what is happening in this dimension right now. You are preparing the rebirth of your own

consciousness to a higher level. You are in charge of your rebirth and you are the one

responsible for this project.

How will you prepare yourself for this task? By preparing the nest, preparing the land of

your heart so that the real You can emerge.

How does a young couple prepare the birth of their first child? They prepare a room; they

paint the walls; they buy a small bed, clothes for the baby, they clean the house, etc. They

establish an energy of love, of tenderness in the whole house to welcome this precious child.

Each time you sit down to meditate, do you realize that this precious time is the time that

will enable you once and for all – to resurrect and discover the gift of this very special

life that you carry in your heart?

I am inviting you to cherish all that you are, cherish this precious life that you are using

each minute. You are the Father-Mother of this newborn that you are expecting. The new

life that you are expecting is yourself. You are a precious gem ready to be exposed to

the rays of the Sun. The days that you are currently living are the most important days

of all your lives. So each day be the one that prepares the blosoming of the expression of God that you

came to manifest in this world.

Build your Temple of Resurrection:

I am inviting you to prepare an energetic temple all around you that you can use as a

foundation to nurture and sustain your resurrection. This energetic temple will assist

you in this process. In this temple, infuse the energies that move your heart. Each day,

this energetic temple will surround you and prepare the vibrational field to assist your

resurrection. Imagine, visualize, feel the holy place in which you enter each morning.

Take time to inhale the vibrations that will transform you. You are the creator of this

exquisite temple that will assist your transformation with magical colors, perfumes

and consciousness. Feel the divine life growing within you. Transform and create a

resurrecting You. Prepare yourself with much love. Bathe yourself with gentle care and

welcome the expression of your divinity in your very own life.

I Am Adama, the one you know.



2014 January Message from the Masters

Channeled by Jennie Philipponnat


Master Kuthumi

Beloved Hearts,
I have come before you today, bringing forth for you this very special opportunity to enfold with the Golden consciousness in Light. In doing so, beloveds, know that your homecoming is True. The awakening that you are preparing is a merging with the Self as the state of consciousness that you originally Are. 
The energies at the end of January and beginning of February with-hold the Flame of the restoration of the DNA-codes of the Truth that you are. With the purification of the Ascension flame and the holiness of the Golden flame, you now have the possibility to completely reconstruct your spine, just simply by leaving your story, as is has been, as a human upon the earth. Know my Love, that the true ending of the whole incarnation cycle is here. There is nothing to hold on to anymore, there is nothing to be taken with when arising in consciousness. 
The Ascension flame together with the Golden flame create space for you in your spine. And within that space, the breath of God can be taken. It is reawakening within, building up a new momentum of light in Truth. This will affect all of the physical organs of the body that you are shining through and will start changing the whole of your chakra system very rapidly. At the same time, it creates a tremendous freedom within your heart, freedom from the restricted mind, freedom from the prison of feelings, which are no-longer necessary to with-hold within. 
We, the Ascended masters call this the re-birth WITHIN, and we ask you to contemplate the meaning of this wonderful tools, now spoken, written to you in words that your true Heart can understand. 
May you be embraced with the most wonderful frequency of liberation in Love!
May you soon be free from all that you are not!
May the gate to your innermost being be found, for it is right here, right now, where you are!
Allow these frequencies of grace be showered upon you at each moment as the Mother Earth is rejoicing Life within Her form!
I am Kuthumi, the Love for Life.






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