Lisa Fawcett

Lisa Fawcett, presently President of Telos-USA,  is a licensed Jungian psychotherapist practicing in New York City. She is past president of The New York Association of Analytical Psychology and currently serves as Director of Admissions on the board of the CG Jung Institute of New York. She is so grateful to have found Aurelia and Telos, the teachings of which she incorporates into her work. She also teaches a day long workshop based in the Telos books.




Debra Hunter

2012 July Photos 057 While attending a lunch conference in Tucson, Arizona, Debra learned of the “Telos” books by Aurelia Louise Jones from  three  women discussing them at her table. They shared, “After reading the “Telos” series, your life will continue to expand in  beautiful  ways and never be the same again.”  Debra found the book “Angelo’s Message”, by Aurelia Louise Jones to be “an  inspiring wake  up call for man”and suggests that it become a prerequisite for understanding the animal kingdom and its  true purpose.

Debra earned her B.S. degree from the University of Delaware where her love and passion for the Earth, animals, and nature  continued to grow. A concern for mounting environmental issues, brought her to Earth Summit 1992 in Rio de Janerio,  Brazil.  Since then she is devoted to strengthening environmental preservation and lobbying for stronger humane laws for  animals.  Debra is presently Corporate Secretary of Telos-USA.



William Johnson


William Johnson, Treasurer of Telos-USA,  lives in Mount Shasta, CA.











Victoria Lee

victoria portrait Victoria Lee, currently Vice President of Telos-USA, resides in Mount Shasta, CA.