AUGUST 16, 2018

Hello All!           

This is a reminder for the Ascension Ceremony for Thursday, August 16, 2018.

Sue and I are looking forward to all of you being a part of this Ascension Ceremony.

Ascension Ceremony 

The Teleconference Number is:  1-712-775-8972;   Code:  445613 

August 16, 2018 

The times are:  7:00 a.m. (HST-Hawaii standard time);  10:00 a.m. (PDT);  10:00 a.m. (MST/Arizona);
11 a.m. (MST)12:00p.m. (CDT)
1:00 p.m. (EDT);  6:00 p.m. (Wales, U.K. and Ireland time/GMT);
8:00 p.m. (Russian/Ukraine time/MST);   7pm (Spain time/CET); 
8pm (Israel time);
7pm (Germany time/CET); 7pm (France time); 10:30pm (India time/IST); 2pm (Brazil Standard Time);
3am (Australia/AEST)
1am (Taiwan time); 7am (Tahiti, French Polynesia);
7pm(Cape Town, South Africa); 7pm(Italy); 7pm(Netherlands); 7pm (Belgium time);
12 p.m. (Venezuela Standard Time) ); 
6 p.m. (Gauteng, South Africa);
1am (Japan/JST);  12:00 p.m. (Chile/CLT)


****Please let me know if you are going to attend.


  1. Victoria: Sound Gong 3 times to open the energy.
  2. Marie:Invocation opening prayer
  3. Grounding, tuning and protection prayer:  Mariam 
  4. Opening invocation: Sue  Page 34 in Ascension book
  5. Ascension Seat: 

All will sit on Ascension seat while holding a crystal and state their prayer of intention at the same time.

We will allow approximately 5 minutes.

  1. All willAum 3 times.  Following that I will ring Tibetan bells 3 times.
  2. Invocation:

Pass out juice or water and have everyone hold their right hand up while invocation is given.

Marie will say invocation (page 37 in Ascension book) and Marie will say when to drink the liquid.

  1. Special Prayer: Poonam
  2. Sue: Final prayer and thank you prayer.

10    MarieRing Tibetan bells 3 times to close energy.

Many blessings,

Marie Phillips and Sue Parry


 *****Click here for the Ascension Ceremony  agenda and guidelines.

Offered by Marie Phillips and Sue Parry. Contact Marie at This is a personal and planetary ceremony with participants from several countries around the world. A beautiful connection!

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